The Disappearing Year


Water going down a plughole

2014 is disappearing, like water down a plug hole. I have never known a year go so quickly.

That is probably why I am just catching up with blog writing at the end of September, when my last post was at Easter.

In my job, the summer is usually a quieter time – but it has not been so this year. I try not to use the language of ‘being busy’ and I work hard to manage my time so that I don’t get into the’ busy trap’ but this year has been full – full of weddings, funerals, people, visiting friends and family, sharing in joys and sorrows and trying to keep on top of emails and desk work. These are mostly good things, but life has been full and I am tired.

Holidays have been short and scarce this year too. I want to take holidays, and try to take them, but in my current role I have to arrange cover for all my services and commitments before I can go away, and that has not worked out. There is simply no one to do that here. I have some possibilities for next year, so hopefully that will change.



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