Off Roading Vicar in the Dales

I had an unintentional off roading adventure last week.

The valley road along Swaledale is narrow and has steep banks down to the river in some parts. It has recently been resurfaced for the Tour de France race which is coming through in July, and this has been done with shiny, city-style tarmac – which has some grip when dry and not much grip when wet. It also does not allow water to soak through, so there is standing water on a lot of it.

Last week, we had some snow, and the water layer froze. I was driving slowly and carefully in the Land Rover, but ice can be tricky even with 4 wheel drive…I ended up driving down a muddy bank, and parking the Land Rover in some woodland by the river. This is where I ended up:


I was going very slowly and had time to decide where I was going to head for, so I managed to avoid the trees and park it in the mud. I am fine and the car only has very minor damage.

I walked back up the bank and hitched a lift home, and the next day the car was recovered by Jed and friends from Dorant 4×4 in Reeth: They have looked after me and the car, and have followed the Vicar’s 4×4 adventures, since I first bought a Land Rover from them. The pictures on this page were taken by them when they went to bring the car home.

Here is a picture of the recovery. Once they got it out of the mud, they were able to drive it home.



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