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Willow Weaving

On Saturday, we had a willow weaving workshop and made wreaths for Christmas.

We made the wreaths by weaving wet willow wands…


Then we could get really creative – Leilah had brought lots of greenery and lovely decorations…


The finished wreaths were all very different.


It was a great morning, and we hope to put on some more workshops.

In the future, we hope to learn to make baskets and willow sculptures.


Advent Sunday

Advent, the season of waiting, begins today.

In her book, The Cloister Walk, Kathleen Norris writes of the arrival of Advent in a Benedictine monastery where she was staying,

The long summer of Ordinary Time had dragged on and on, and several monks commented that they were ready for a change of season. For people who live by the liturgical year, the transition into Advent can be as physically invigorating as the shift from summer into fall, and on the first Sunday of Advent, in late November, the air was charged with expectation.

The waiting of Advent is an active waiting, a time of thoughtful preparation as we get ready for the coming of Christ.

A prayer for this week:

Lord Jesus, Light of the World, born in David’s city of Bethlehem, born like him to be a king: be born in our hearts this Christmastide, be king of our lives today. Amen

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