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A New Quilt Shop

I picked up a card at The Festival of Quilts which gave details of a new quilting supplies shop in Settle, a town within driving distance of here for a day trip.

A group of us – me, Kate, Kris and a variety of othersĀ – like to go on ‘adventures’, especially if it involves fabric shopping, so we are planning to head for Settle this week to investigate ‘Quilting Antics’ at Watershed Mill.

Here is the web link:

We note there is a coffee shop too…

Expedition report to follow!

watershed mill

A Summer’s Day

Here is a picture of me in our conservation churchyard at Grinton, taken earlier in the year:


Caroline at St Andrew's

Red and Blue Quilt

Red and Blue

I made the top for this quilt about 4 years ago.

It is red and blue again – you might have spotted my favourite colours to work with as you have looked at the quilts on this blog.

I took it out of the cupboard earlier this year when I needed something to take to work on at our craft group, and it has been quilted there, bit by bit and week by week, and in between gossip and news.

The quilting is finally finished, but I don’t have enough red fabric to do the binding, so that will have to wait for a trip to a quilt shop (soon!)

Mice in the USA

The mice have gone west!

A schoolfriend of mine, John Bell, lives in California. He ordered a mouse for each of his 5 children, by way of support.

Here they are enjoying themselves in the Californian sunshine…


mice in America

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