Softpots in York

I went to York with my friend Amanda yesterday. As we drove in we noticed that the trees were full of pink blossom; the daffodils were out; it was a warm, Spring day – and we felt as though we had landed on another planet after all the weeks of snow in the Dales.

As well as eating and shopping (some of the reasons for our trip!), we went to visit the Softpot garden and gallery, which is in an alleyway just off Stonegate in the centre of York:

This photo is from their website, which you can find at That has all the information you need for visiting the garden and gallery and learning to make Softpots.

Amanda and I spent a fun hour in the workshop learning to make these amazing creations, with Annie, who invented them and who runs the garden and gallery. They are made from tights, compost, gravel, vermiculite, and lots of decorative, colourful and shiny bits and pieces.

Here we are with our finished Softpots:



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One thought on “Softpots in York

  1. Sounds like a wonderful day out!!

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