I went to visit a friend this week, who said, ‘do you realise that we have had six months of snow so far this winter?’

I had not thought of it that way, but she is right. It snowed for the first time in late October and it has come again and again since then. We have never had lots of snow at once, but it has seemed to be with us for a long time.

Here are some pictures from this long snowy winter in Swaledale –

27 October 2012 – first snow of the winter:

In November, the snow melted and we had flood conditions.

3rd December, more snow:

That melted in time for Christmas.

Then, it came again on 21st January:

I had an interesting time trying to take funerals and bury ashes in these conditions!

February was warmer, and there was even some sunshine.

The snowdrops came up. I learned this year that they are also known as ‘Candlemas bells’.

This photo was taken on Candlemas (2 Feb) in our churchyard at Grinton:

We thought that Spring has  started…and then it snowed again. This photo was taken on 11th March:

There were some beautiful days. These were taken on a walk between Reeth and Grinton the same week:


Today it has rained, so everything in the valley is damp rather than white, but there is still snow on the hills and higher ground.

My friend was right – we have had nearly 6 months of snow this winter!


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