Finished – Taupe Baby Quilt

I have finished the taupe baby quilt:

Taupe quilt 4

  Taupe quilt 2

It is backed with Minkee fabric – a very soft faux fur:

Taupe quilt 3

This will be lovely for a baby, but it meant that I had to make the quilt in a whole new way. Instead of layering the top with wadding and backing fabric, I just used the fur fabric, tacked it all well and then quilted the two layers together with a walking foot on my sewing machine. This is the first time I have used the walking foot, and I am quite pleased with the way it worked. (It was much easier to use than I had thought it would be and I must find another opportunity to practice using it.)

I hand stitched around the seams and stitched outline ducks in the centre squares – this was with blue thread, just through the top layer of fabric, to give a hand quilted effect.

Taupe quilt 1

The binding is the same blue as the ‘quilting’ thread.


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