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A Christmas Card for Crafters

I received a beautiful Christmas card today. The picture is of a woodcut by the artist Eric Gill. It is called ‘Madonna and Child with Angel’:

Eric Gill angel

—->>Did you notice what Mary is doing? She is knitting!

The card was sold in aid of a charity called Knit for Peace. Their website is here: They use crafts, especially knitting and crochet, to bring people from disparate communities together, to empower them and to provide help and income for refugees and displaced people.

Wedding Quilt – Finished

The wedding friendship quilt (or – as it has become known in our house – ‘the pink event’) is finished. A quilting friend, Ann, came and helped for two sessions, and that moved it on, and I worked to get it done so that the newlyweds could have it by Christmas. It will be delivered on Saturday – I hope they like it!

wedding quilt final

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