TV moments

Well, the vote for Women Bishops didn’t get through (by 5 votes, and only because of the particular counting system that is used) and there has been much discussion, including in Parliament, about what will happen next.

The TV was full of comment, and it even reached Swaledale. Some members of the parish and I were interviewed by ITN News. Two men came all the way from Manchester and, after an afternoon of work with them, we featured for about 30 seconds – such is TV. If you missed it, you can watch it  in this clip:

What do I think? After reflecting, I think that we have to believe that God is in the process – after all, that is what we would have said if the vote had gone the other way. I don’t think this is the end of the story, and it could be for the good – I hope that our future conversation about the issue is now going to be  more open and more comprehensible to people both inside and outside the Church of England, and I hope that this will lead to much better legislation going through, which really frees us for ministry and does not tie us in theological and practical knots.


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