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Wedding quilt progress…

The wedding friendship quilt now has a patterned green backing fabric and is in the frame:

(Today we had theĀ first snow of the winter- see outside the window)

I have started to quilt the wedding quilt with both pale green and pink thread:

The pink and green squares are marked for quilting with hearts, flowers, wedding bells and one set of interlocked wedding rings.

Wedding Quilt Update

I had a day off with time to sew today, and I have finished the wedding quilt top. It is now ready for backing, tacking and quilting.

I added some different fabrics and some framing borders, so I am a bit happier with what it looks like now:



A Quilter’s Brain

A friend sent me this…it is probably doing the rounds on the internet, but it made me smile šŸ™‚

Wedding Friendship Quilt

I have started to sew together the pink and green wedding quilt.

The white pieces are 4 and half inch squares of washed calico. These were signed by the wedding guests, using permanent fabric pens.

The other squares are pink and green at the moment, but I am going to change some of them for other fabricsĀ  to break up the pattern and add some interest.

I bought some more pink and green fabric this week, so I should have enough for several borders and binding.

The quilting will probably be done in green and pink thread and in a hoop. I am thinking hearts and flowers just now…

Women of the Dales

A book about Women of the DalesĀ (which includes a chapter about my work) was published this week and launched at the Ilkley Literature Festival. It is by Yvette Huddleston and Water Swann.

You can find it on Amazon:

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