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Wet weather

We are back into the rainy season in the Dales. It has not stopped raining heavily for 24 hours as I write this. The flood covers are on and the river is up. It is quite stressful living with this all the time.

The river looks like this today:

There is usually an island where you can see trees poking out of the middle of the river!

Tulips (and cats) from Amsterdam

It was a good summer.

We had most of a week on holiday in Amsterdam.

We enjoyed all the well known features of the city:

cafes, canals, trams, boats, markets, shopping, flowers (tulips), food etc…

but the highlights were the cat friendly ones:

There were lots of cats in cafes and around the streets.

There was a fantastic cat art gallery, called the Cat Cabinet –

There was also a floating cat sanctuary on a canal boat, which welcomes visitors in the afternoons and has an excellent website Р

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