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One quilt finished and another started…

One finished…

We have almost finished our charity quilt. On Tuesday we sewed the binding on and tacked it ready to hand sew in place. Caroline has taken it home to finish hand hemming it, and then will contact the charity and send it to them for a child to take home from summer camp.

One started…

That done, I started to make a quilt with two other ladies, Susan and Joyce. Joyce is getting married soon and Susan is organising her hen party. Susan thought that the ‘hens’ could make a quilt together, but neither of them know much about quilting, so they came for some help.

They have decided to make a ‘friendship quilt’. Here is some information about the history and traditions of friendship quilts, which are also called ‘signature quilts:

Today, while they were here, I cut out 70 4 and a half -inch squares from off white fabric. Each wedding guest is going to be asked to write their name on one of these blocks, and these will form the basis of the quilt. I suggested that they find some permanent fabric marker pens for this, in the colours that they wanted for the rest of the quilt.

They went through my fabric cupboard and pulled out some pink and green fabrics (‘lime green and raspberry’, said Joyce).  After the wedding, we will get together again and make the fabric and the blocks into Joyce’s wedding quilt.


Charity Quilt

We (Brenda, Caroline and I) have had two sessions working on our charity quilt. This is the one with the yellow fabric that I had to work hard to use.

We all made different blocks and they worked together very well. The backing is large squares of leftover fabric. Today we put the three layers of the quilt together and tied it with yellow embroidery cotton.

The binding is made and ready to go on when we meet next week.

And it is nearly ready to go to a child at summer camp who will be able to take it home as their own quilt. There is some information about the charity we are supporting,  ‘siblings together’, here:


I have just disovered how to use Skype – video and phone calling over the internet, for free.

The information is here:

My Skype name is caroline.hewlett

Talk to you soon!


Invitation to a Craft Day in Reeth

The  Swaledale Museum knitting and craft groups are joining together to host a Craft Day on Monday, July 2, from 10am to 4pm at the Buck Hotel, Reeth.

As well as offering help with different types of knitting we will have “taster sessions” on other crafts, which we will be able to list nearer the time. If you are interested in attending the Craft Day and there is a specific craft that you would like to learn about, please let us know and we will do our best to include it.

The cost for the day will be £10 (including lunch).

If you would like to attend please contact Christine Price

See you there!

Photo from the ‘Knitting Grammie’ blog

Great Grandmother

This is a picture of my great grandmother, Rachel Hurwitz (nee Price):

Here is another picture of Rachel, in her younger days:

View from The Vicarage Garden

Jewish Wedding, 1893

We have made a small amount of progress on family history this week.

The Hurwitz’s who came from Lithuania were Ralph and Rachel (nee Price), married in Ormskirk, Lancashire at the end of 1893.

They are both listed as being ‘Russian’, but that is probably a general way of describing people then who came from Eastern Europe.

Picture: Israels, Jozef (1824-1911) –

1903 Jewish Wedding

(Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam)


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