Scotchgard for Quilts

The title does not have a spelling  mistake.

The brand name is spelled this way…


This a spray that repels dirt and water from fabrics, and it comes  in a variety of formulations for different uses.

Whilst browsing the web I found that they make Scotchgard Needlecraft and Sewing Protector – which sounds just the right thing for quilts in a house with two cats. It would be very useful to be able to put this on the king size blue strippy quilt that I am making for our bed before the black furry cat monsters put their paws on it.

Unfortunately, it seems that this version is made in the States and not sold here. As it  is an aerosol, most of the websites also say that they will not ship it overseas. Please let me know if you have found this available anywhere in the UK.

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