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Happy Easter

Holy Week starts tomorrow and it is a busy time for Vicars as we celebrate the central events of the Christian faith with our congregations.

So, I will be back blogging in a week or two…


Happy Easter to you and your loved ones

Knitting Cafe

Reeth Knitting Cafe will meet at The Vicarage on Monday 26  March from 2pm.

All welcome – see you there!


I have a number of UFOs at the moment…Unfinished Objects, not the flying sort

One is this cat quilt:

It needs some more quilting and then binding. I have been making this quilt for about 3 years. I used fabric paint and a stencil for the cat shapes, and leftover pieces for the rest. I have done most of the quilting in my floor standing hoop. You can see my favourite dark colours appear again!

Here is an action shot – Cuthbert thought that he had to be in a picture if it involved black cats!


The blue strippy quilt is coming on well.

There is now only this much more fabric hanging under the frame:

I quilt a strip at a time – a full width of the quilt and as far as I can reach across to sew.

Each strip takes about 7 hours of sewing, and there are about 4 strips to go.

Scotchgard for Quilts

The title does not have a spelling  mistake.

The brand name is spelled this way…


This a spray that repels dirt and water from fabrics, and it comes  in a variety of formulations for different uses.

Whilst browsing the web I found that they make Scotchgard Needlecraft and Sewing Protector – which sounds just the right thing for quilts in a house with two cats. It would be very useful to be able to put this on the king size blue strippy quilt that I am making for our bed before the black furry cat monsters put their paws on it.

Unfortunately, it seems that this version is made in the States and not sold here. As it  is an aerosol, most of the websites also say that they will not ship it overseas. Please let me know if you have found this available anywhere in the UK.

A cat, a quilt, some sunshine…

Here is Emily enjoying the sunshine  and the red and blue quilt :

Quilted Kindle Cover

I was given a Kindle last year, and soon discovered that I would need  a cover to protect it so that it could travel with me. The ones that were available to buy were either expensive or unappealing, so I used some lovely spotty red and white fabric and made my own Kindle pouch. It is hand quilted in a square diamond pattern, using the lines of spots as a guide, and finished with bias binding in the same fabric.

I like the Kindle for reading text, but it does not have the capacity for colour or large images, so I will still buy quilting and crafting books and anything that I want to write on and underline.


Abbey of the Arts

I am enjoying getting into the book, The Artist’s Rule. It is bringing together some of the ideas around faith and creativity that I have been thinking about for a while .

The book is designed as a course over 12 weeks. I have decided to read the whole book first and then to come back to it and read it again, more slowly. At that stage I might use some of the creative exercises that it offers.

More information about the author and her work can be found on her website Abbey of the Arts:

A Church Mouse Cartoon!

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