The Artist’s Rule

I am reading a book for Lent called, ‘The Artist’s Rule – nurturing your creative soul with monastic wisdom’:

The Artist's Rule: Nurturing Your Creative Soul with Monastic Wisdom

You can find it here on Amazon:

I started reading it on my Kindle, but soon realised that it was the sort of book that needed underlining and notes and highlighting and coming back to favourite pages (which you can do on Kindle, but it is not the same as with a book) – and so I got the paperback as well.

This book brings together several of the things that I am interested in. Overall, it is a book about about faith and creativity, something which I have been thinking about for a long time.

The title refers to the monastic idea of a rule of life – a pattern or way of living that you decide on to shape your life. This can be as simple as ‘I am not going eat chocolate for 3 weeks’, but is usually more like a thought about and written list of decisions about how to organise your time, money, work, prayer life and so on, to reflect the priorities that are important to you. An ancient form of this is The Rule of St. Benedict which is used  to shape the life of many monastic communities. This book uses the spirituality of that rule and applies it to the life of an artist. The introduction says that this book is about ‘demonstrating monastic practices as valuable ways to encourage and sustain a creative life.’ 

I will write more as I work my way through the book…


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One thought on “The Artist’s Rule

  1. Sounds really interesting, similar to things that I work on and through but I do not have a religious context, but spiritual non-the-less. Look forward to hearing more, maybe we can compare notes!! Have you ever come across ‘the artists way’ by Julia Cameron – really good too, though hard to work through as it brings up so much!!!
    See you at crafting.

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