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 Do you have a favourite colour for sewing with?

Do you have a least favourite colour?

I like dark, ‘jewel’ colours – red, blue, green, purple – and these are in most of my quilts. I don’t like yellow so much, and hardly ever work with it, except as small scraps in baby quilts.

I have never made an all white quilt, so that will be a challenge at some point.



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3 thoughts on “Colours

  1. White is quite possibly my favourite, well cream anyway! but I love colour and texture too.

  2. I love color too, and I find the older I get the more I like bright colors. I really like yellow and yellow-green. My least favorite color has to be orange.

  3. Bizarrely I seemed to end up with browns or purples neither of which could be even remotely called my favourite colours. Concerted efforts to do non-brown are in progress.

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