Pink and Green

This is a pink and green quilt that I made in about 1997:

I had previously bought the pink cotton fabric and the floral brushed cotton fabric to make a wedding quilt for my friends Claire and Richard. That took a lot of work, as it was my first attempt at a double wedding ring quilt, and I think I would look at it now and see all the mistakes. At that time, we were all pleased with it, though. I do not have a photo of that quilt because it was made before digital cameras came in.

I put the pink fabrics with some strong green to make a different kind of quilt, and hand quilted it with a picture of a rose that I found in a pattern book. I remember showing the finished quilt to a friend, who looked at it and said seriously, ‘well, I can see the tacking; it will look better once you finish it and that dark green thread comes out’. I was not amused at the time, but it makes me laugh now.

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