Quilting Patterns

First, here is the link to the  website where you can buy the pattern for the quilting frame that I am using. It is from an Amish man in America. It is not expensive to buy the plans, it is not hard for a hobby woodworker to make, and it works well – 

The clever part is the simple ratchet system which holds the tension and then lets you roll the quilt on as you sew it:


Quilting Patterns on Our Wedding Quilt

This is a local pattern to Swaledale. It is called ‘chair back’, because it looks like the pattern on the back of a wooden wheel back chair:


This is another Swaledale pattern, called ‘star and bellows’:


These are North Country feathers (The colour is a bit odd on this photo):


There are Welsh hearts along the wide middle strip (Alex has family connections in Wales):


So far, I am almost half way with the quilting.  The next time I roll the quilt on, the fabric will be well off the floor at the back of the frame. As the daylight hours get longer, I should get on a bit quicker. I will let you know how it is getting on.



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