Our Wedding Quilt

Alex and I got married in June 2001. I said then that I would make us a Wedding Quilt to mark the occasion.

 The following summer, whilst on holiday, we had a visit to The Cotton Patch in Birmingham –  and chose lots of lovely material. It was not until and we got home and I started to sew the top together that I realised that a king size quilt was going to be too big to lap quilt, as I had done before. I needed a quilting frame to be able to work on such a large quilt.

We looked at lots of quilting frames and found that they were all either too expensive, too complicated or just too big for our house.

Last year, 2011, a number of things came together – we now live in a house with space for a large frame; we found a pattern for a frame; Alex’s father (who has made furniture as a hobby for many years) made the frame and we celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary in June.

Our Wedding Quilt is now on the frame at last:

It is a king size north country ‘strippy quilt’ in light blue and dark blue. The quilting patterns are mixture of traditional and local designs. I will describe those in the next post.



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