A Mouse Family

I have been making my ‘Church Mice’ for nearly 5 years now. So far, they have always been the same size, made in a whole variety of fabrics.

Recently, a friend from Wensleydale said, ‘do you make mice families? I would like a mouse family as a Christmas present for my granddaughter’. I had not thought about this before, but (with advice and encouragement from the craft group) I had a go at increasing and decreasing the pattern size, and made a mouse family… (or should that be ‘mice family’?)

I have 2 more requests for mouse families since then, so this might be a new line for sale next summer. I didn’t manage to get a photo before they went, so next time I make some you can see what I made…

PS It was great to get some feedback this week. Thank you for the blog comments – it is good to know that someone is reading this!

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2 thoughts on “A Mouse Family

  1. Ooh, did you take pictures?

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