I was given a bag full of fleece this week. It needs to be washed (in small pieces in the sink) and dried (in the airing cupboard), and then I am going to see if it will work well as stuffing for my church mice. If it does, then it is an endless local resource which needs a use, so it is a ‘green’ option as well.

Sheep need to be clipped each year, but there is not much market for the wool, especially that of hardy hill breeds, such as Swaledales with their coarse, rough wool. Using it for craft (felting, spinning, knitting, weaving, stuffing toys) is one way to turn this natural product into something useful.


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2 thoughts on “Fleece

  1. Hello and welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. I came to you via my lovely friend at Ash Creativity.
    I’ve seen those pretty little mice in the Fatsheep in Reeth and I think using up local wool is a wonderful idea as long as Ash doesn’t fight you for it so she can spin it instead, lol.

    Beautiful quilts! I’m afraid I can only machine quilt, my hand quilting leaves a lot to be desired!

    Fi x

  2. Liz Noonan on said:

    Hi, I’ve also arrived at your blog via Ash Creativity and I also follow Marmalade Rose. We enjoy a holiday in the Dales each year and visited the Fatsheep in Reeth last year (first time). I’ll certainly be calling in again when we are holidaying in Rathmell and look forward to seeing your handiwork. Since I finished work at the end of March I have been attending workshops for machine quilting, although I think I would enjoy hand quilting at some point but need some practice at handstitching first. Liz

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