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Lost Knitting

I have a bag of knitting in my house. Some of it is a beige/oatmeal colour.  There are balls of blue and brown wool in the bag too.

The thing is, it is not my knitting.

Please come and collect it if it belongs to you…

A Mouse Family

I have been making my ‘Church Mice’ for nearly 5 years now. So far, they have always been the same size, made in a whole variety of fabrics.

Recently, a friend from Wensleydale said, ‘do you make mice families? I would like a mouse family as a Christmas present for my granddaughter’. I had not thought about this before, but (with advice and encouragement from the craft group) I had a go at increasing and decreasing the pattern size, and made a mouse family… (or should that be ‘mice family’?)

I have 2 more requests for mouse families since then, so this might be a new line for sale next summer. I didn’t manage to get a photo before they went, so next time I make some you can see what I made…

PS It was great to get some feedback this week. Thank you for the blog comments – it is good to know that someone is reading this!


 I was given a bag full of fleece this week. It needs to be washed (in small pieces in the sink) and dried (in the airing cupboard), and then I am going to see if it will work well as stuffing for my church mice. If it does, then it is an endless local resource which needs a use, so it is a ‘green’ option as well.

Sheep need to be clipped each year, but there is not much market for the wool, especially that of hardy hill breeds, such as Swaledales with their coarse, rough wool. Using it for craft (felting, spinning, knitting, weaving, stuffing toys) is one way to turn this natural product into something useful.

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