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Swaledale Knitting Cafe and Winter Craft Group

The Knitting Cafe (which meets in the Swaledale Museum when it is open during the tourist season) is meeting at the Vicarage in Reeth until April. The next one is at 2pm on 12 December.

The Winter Craft Group also grew out of the Museum – this group meets on Thursdays at the Vicarage in Reeth, 2-4pm, through the winter. Bring what you are working on. When the weather warms up we will see what we want to do next!


Tea at The Vicarage


This afternoon the Swaledale Museum Knitting Cafe took place at The Vicarage. They usually meet in the Museum building – – but that is closed for building work over the winter, so they will be here each month until April.

It was a good excuse to get out my mother’s tea set. She gave it to me recently, and it is going to get lots of use for Vicarage teas. This set was around at home during my childhood, and always used on special occasions, and it is great to be able to use it at my home now. It is a 1950s/60s design, made by Paragon, with a design called ‘Rockingham Red’:




This is Cuthbert the cat on one of my small quilts:

The pattern is one of my favourite designs – one name for it is ‘English Wedding Ring’. I use it a lot, especially for small and baby quilts. It looks different each time, depending on the colours and placement of the blocks.

From fabric to quilt

This quilt was sewn together from all of my red and blue scraps. The red and white spotty fabric was a dress from a charity shop, and many of the other fabrics featured in previous quilts.

This is the unquilted top laid out flat on the bed:

Here it is on the quilting frame:

My father in law made the frame from a pattern we bought online.

Cuthbert the cat likes to help with quilting…or maybe he just thinks it makes a great hammock:

Here is the finished quilt, all quilted and bound and back on the bed:

Here is a close up of the quilting:


Here are some I made earlier…

An apples quilt, inspired by ‘red delicious’ apples:

An Amish-style quilt in green and black, all hand quilted with black thread:

Here is the ‘close up’ view so you can see the quilting better:

Church Mice

These are the church mice that give the blog its name. If you read their label carefully, then I am ‘the Vicar’ who makes them – for work I am kept busy looking after 4 churches in the Yorkshire Dales and I enjoy quilting and crafting in my spare time.

 The mice  are made out of scraps of fabric  from the quilts that I make and from odd pieces of fabric that I am given or find in charity shops. They have seed bead eyes, felt ears and elastic or cotton string for tails. They are sold in the craft shop in our village – FatSheep – see

Until recently, I filled the mice with purchased toy stuffing, but after a discussion in our craft group (more of that later), that will soon change to sheep’s wool. There are many people in this area who keep sheep, and who have to clip them for health reasons, but cannot find a sale or a use for the fleeces, so this will be a way to make good use some of them.

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